Drug Store Purchase, Gift Shop Status

This jar of cranberry body wash was a project from last Christmas. My goal was to take a drug store product and elevate it to gift shop status. Although I don’t have step-by-step pics for this tutorial, I’ll list what I used as fuel for your imagination!

1. Washed, empty glass jar (I used was a salad dressing jar)

2. Spray paint

3. Body wash in a blasse plastic squeeze bottle

4. Ribbon, tags, other embellishments

Instructions: Lay newspaper down in the garage or back porch and spray paint the lid of the jar. Let dry overnight. Then squeeze the body wash into the glass jar. Create a label for your new product, using stamps, sticker labels, metal stamping, or whatever your heart desires. (I recycled part of a greeting card for my tag.) The possibilities are endless and can be used with lotions, bath salts, whatever you like. It’s a win-win: your recipient gets a lovely gift, and you get the joy of making something totally unique.


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