Ping Pong Ball Lights

I found a great tutorial over on Instructables: and followed it line by line, picture by picture. The lights were about $2 (after Christmas sale) and the beer pong balls were $15 on Ebay. Here’s how the adventure went.

Picked up a gross (144 balls), enough lights to make about 1 and 1/2 strings (100 and 44).

Then my wonderful husband rigged up a way to drill the holes in a fast, safe, easy way. Take a look:

We used some Viva paper towels to pad the ping ping ball as it was held in the clamp. Then we could pop a ball down into the “cushion” easily and quickly.

A semi-clean hole was drilled. If there was any denting, we just gently squeezed the plastic back into shape. Using this method helped us drill the hole in about the same place on each ball too.

My job was to pop the newly-drilled balls out of the drilling station we rigged and onto the strings of lights. It was fast and easy.

Finished product! We had some fun right away, taking pictures and getting the tangles out:

I don’t have a picture, but we hung them from tacks in the living room ceiling for a big birthday party we had, and finally hung them up in the backyard, decorating the perimeter of the fence.

My sweet husband, you’re such a good egg.

And that’s it! You try it now. 🙂


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