Thrift Store Outfits

I love thrift stores. At least, I love the ones I feel safe going to by myself. 🙂 Most of the time, I find it hard to find people who are willing to go with me, so my trips have been few and far between since I moved to Crestview. When I lived in Fort Walton, our apartments were right next to a strip mall that contained a nice new Salvation Army. I remember waiting in eager anticipation for that store to open! (I guess it takes all kinds for the world to go round.)

Anyway, I recently went to the Waterfront Rescue Mission, armed with Christmas money and a few hours of undisturbed searching. I went looking for outfits. Whole, complete outfits. First I found a top. Then I went looking for a bottom to match. And vice versa. It was an adventure that turned up quite a few treasures. First up: a grey wool dress that was just bubbling over with vintage charm. $5.

Next up, a Merona (Target) dress that looked like it’d never even been worn. Brown-and-white polka dots. $5.

Then I found a sweet Old Navy shirt and a ruffly American Eagle skirt that went well together. Shirt, $5. Skirt, $4.

At first I tried on this black top and liked it, but put it back on the return rack because I knew I didn’t have a skirt or pants that matched. But when I caught sight of this skirt, I quickly retrieved it. I would go perfectly with the White House, Black Market jewelry that my sister gave me for Christmas! Earring and bracelets were perfect: no need for a necklace with this flowery neckline.

Then I bought this blouse, because my wardrobe consists of so many solids. Trying to branch out a little. And I had two pairs of khakis that would match well.

Last but not least, I bought a pair of Faded Glory jeans and an American Eagle tshirt. And for whatever reason (probably because I tried on dozens of outfits), the jeans ended up being the only dud. They are too big. And they were the most expensive too, at $6. Sigh. And you know, jeans were the reason I went shopping. So I still need to find some that fit.

All in all, I spent about $38. I was very pleased.


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