Homemade Question Cube . . . er, Jar

I shopped for one of these last year . . . only to discover that after my $15 discount had been applied, this little plastic box of questions was still going to ring up $25. I love the idea—not the price tag. No matter. Making your own is only that much more fun, plus the questions get to be tailored to fit your tastes.

You’ll need a washed baby food jar, spray paint, ribbon, stamp, ink, and questions. I got mine from all over the internet. Just google “icebreaker questions.” First, spray paint your jar lid and let dry overnight. Then get to work on selecting the questions. Then format your document  so the question cards fit neatly into the bottle. (I used a spreadsheet feature in Apple’s Pages.) Then I printed them up, cut them out, and put them into the bottle. Lastly I stamped a question mark (from an alphabet stamp set) onto a ribbon and tied it.

I plan on using these for my next “cheap date” with my Dearest!


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