Cheap Dates: Brought to You by Birthday Season

I turned 27 on Saturday. There have been lots of celebrations and I’ve relished every one. But the type I want to discuss today fall into the category of cheap dates.

Birthday season may or may not mean cake and candles, but for David and me it definitely means a free Coldstone Creation, free Baskin Robbins cone, free entree at Moe’s, free dinner plate from Captain D’s, free smoothie from Tropical Smoothie, and free sub from Firehouse Subs. And those are just the totally free options. I’m usually get Buy One, Get One Free coupons from other restaurants and chains too, but I generally go for the totally free before moving to BOGOs.

I’m signed up for every birthday perk in my area. I think I started out by Googling “free birthday clubs” and landing on a long birthday club list. Then I happily started signing up. It’s been birthday bliss ever since.

All the birthday loot mentioned above translates into two or three cheap dates. We usually split whatever freebie we get and take it to the beach to enjoy. This year, we took advantage of being locals during the off-season and booked a getaway to Sandestin’s Baytowne Wharf. Our snug little room had a cute little table and chairs and a dimmer switch on the light above, so we made a Moe’s run, brought the food back, and poured out some Sobi Water into goblets and toasted the day.

That’s what life is made of: cheap dates and taking all the chances you can to have fun with those you love.


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