Gift Jars: Easy, Simple, Beautiful

Last month, my 12-year-old sister Evangeline came for a two-week visit.  During that time we packed in a lot of craft projects, including gift jars for other members of the family. Glass jars with metal or plastic lids work great for this type of project. The first step is to wash the jars and spray paint the lids. As you look at the size and shape of each jar, get a vision for what it should hold next.

Packaging matters almost as much as what’s in the jar, so creating great looking homemade labels is a must. I like to use the free photobooks/shipping that is offered monthly by Hotprints. I’ve been very happy with their service and quality so far.

Then, all you need is double-sided tape to create a great label.

And some ribbon too of course! I like the natural look of the raffia.

Then it’s just a question of what to put inside each jar. I love using my dehydrator to create homemade dried herbs—so much fresher and better tasting than store-bought!

Apple chips are also made using the dehydrator.

I gave homemade beef jerkey to my father-in-law for his birthday present.

Or just use what you have on hand. Jelly beans on clearance after Easter look even more pretty in a jar. Homemade granola using nuts from an after-Christmas sale is delicious and easy to make. There are endless, endless possibilities for jar gifts. Just imagine what you’d see in a favorite gift shop . . . then make it.


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