Entry Way Makeover

My house has a small entryway hall that opens up in to the living room and kitchen. Blank walls greeted folks who walked in. I hung a generic picture arrangement there, but the space seemed to cry out for something more.

That’s when I flipped through a recent Pottery Barn catalog and fell in love with their  wall art organizer. Or at least, I fell in love with the idea of making my own version.

Here’s the result. At least, here’s version 1.0. That’s how it always is with me. 🙂

Materials used:

Foam board: free, found on the side of the road
Material: free, from a torn pillow
Prints (images and numbers): free, from Hotprints.com
Ribbon: $1, sale at A. C. Moore
Thumbtacks: $1
Fashion plates and letter from book pages: $2, library sale
Cloth tags: upcycled clothes tag from tulle4us.com
Basket (upcycled discarded purse): free, swap party giveaway
Cloth bag: $1, Hobby Lobby
Key: antique shop, Dade City (about $5)
Rubber stamps: Pottery Barn clearance, $15
Wooden dowel, free, upcycled flag post
Balsa wood, twine and grommets: upcycled and reused
Frame: gift
Matting: large sheet art paper, $4, Michaels
Greetings plate: upcycled greeting card, Christmas clearance, Target
Wire Chicken: $5, sidewalk sale, Cracker Barrel
Pencil Holder, souvenir from Argentina
Letter opener, gift, Anthropology
Book pages inside wire chicken: 50 cents, library sale
Pen: gift, Brighton

This was just put together with some hot glue and needle and thread. What will your next upcycling project be?