“His/Her Role Reversal” Dates

Well, not exactly, but we thought it would be fun to learn more about what the other one does every day! Getting a better understanding of what he does at the office and what I do at home gave us the chance to do a little teaching and have a total blast! To get into the spirit of things, we decided to do a little prep work and really get into the part, so during the cooking date he listened to my usual iPod repertoire of rainy day music and in turn I borrowed fake glasses for the programming date. Take a look at the fun:

Cooking gave him a chance to experience the art of making a pie crust from scratch and understand what goes into the oven first when you’re making casserole, dessert, and salad.

We went to Starbucks (of course!) for our programming date and I got through two lessons of the “How to Program Ruby” tutorial online. Now I know what puts, integers, strings, and methods are. (Sort of.)  It was so much fun!

Ultimate Birthday Cheap Date

My awesome husband turned 31 the other day and we celebrated with a “scavenger hunt” of sorts—but instead of buying, we were enjoying freebies, courtesy of the many birthday clubs for which I signed him up. (If you want to sign up, I suggest doing it six months in advance just to get your name in the system early. Googling birthday clubs will bring up many long lists.)

The ones we ended up going with are local and involve totally free giveaways—not buy one get one free deals or other types of promotions. Also, they were not sit-down restaurants. Our strategy was to collect as many freebies as we wanted and then make a picnic with them.

Off we go on our adventure!

Coupons in hand . . .

Our first stop was Moes . . .where we picked up a free entree! Actually, we had to pay 55 cents for it, because of tax. I don’t get paying on sales tax on something I didn’t buy, but hey, couldn’t argue.

Next stop was Sonic, where David selected a free drink (he had to pick between a drink, tater tots, and a cream slush. Hard!)

We also hit up Orange Julius, where he picked up a free strawberry milkshake drink.

We went to Baskin Robbins next, because there’s only one in our area and we didn’t want to double back. David got his favorite flavor and we both indulged on our way to . . .

Firehouse Subs! So we got a nice hot sub from there and finally our picnic was ready.

The weather wasn’t as cooperative as all the friendly businesses who have birthday clubs, and as soon as we set up the picnic, it started raining so we gathered up the stuff and ran into the playground . .  .

where we finished up a lovely birthday picnic in the rain.

It was a happy day.

Wedding Dress Hope

Even though I’ve been married three and a half years now, I subscribe to three or four wedding blogs. The design and photography is just stunning and I just enjoy perusing, even if I am not actually going to use any of the vendors or most of the ideas myself. I thought I’d gather together a little collection of photos to encourage to modest bride-to-be. It seemed that when I got married, strapless was all that was available and those who wanted something different were out of luck. Now, with the vintage surge making it’s way through the design spectrum, there are more options for lovely, non-frumpy wedding dresses that showcase without being revealing.

Lovely, no?

Making Laundry Room Storage Space

I have a laundry closet, actually. So the value of extra space is yeah, valuable. One day I really want to make over the laundry room and paint all my laundry soap bottles the same color and store my powders and bar soaps in glass containers. But for now, this set-up is really functional and helps me stay on top of laundry.

Here is my little laundry closet in my kitchen.

This chrome shower organizer we found on the curb on one of our morning walks. My dearest is so sweet, not ashamed to carry finds home with us! Since this didn’t work with our shower design, it went into the laundry room to store samples and stockpile stuff.

This is a canvas bag that I sent away for as a free sample. It had advertising printed on it, so I turned it inside out (cause I hate advertising on canvas bags). We screwed some hooks to the underside of this shelf and now the bag stores our Walmart and Publix sacks, ready for reuse.

Other side of the laundry room. The tub for outdoor parties hangs up here, as well as a pinboard my mother-in-law made for us.

I hang cleaners like this because that’s what my mom always did. It sure saves space.

And these tote bags hold rags and stockpile stuff like Ziplocks and foil. One day I’d like to get all matching ones, but these mail-order freebies will do for now. They’re helping make use of the area between the machines and the wall.

What are your laundry room solutions?

Decor . . . or extra storage?

More and more people are turning to couponing to find a way to make vacations and Christmas gifts happen, but if you’re like me, you don’t have a giant custom-built pantry to hold all your bargain finds. What’s a stockpiler to do? Turn to the nooks and crannies that are going to waste otherwise.

Here’s a tour of my kitchen and laundry closet and a few secret hideaways where I store everyday supplies.

Here’s the kitchen. On top of my cabinets are containers that hold extra salad dressing, crackers, etc.

Like so.

They are tagged so hopefully I remember what’s in where! Dried beans, tea, and other pantry staple extra have a nice home up there until I run out in the pantry.

Here is the backspash area of the stove. This darling tin was a gift from my brother last year. I think I ate all the mints and poor husband never got any!

Now it holds all my spice packets for seasoning, leaving me more spare room in the cupboard.

A few vintage jars can bring style and function to a windowsill . . .

Or used tins! I love this one next to my stove.

On to the laundry room in my next post.

Smores: Cheap Date

When it comes to good dates, you’ve got to have a good person to make it successful.

But good lighting doesn’t hurt either. Hence the Christmas lights for this particular date. My husband and I snuggled up on the couch and pretended we were in front of a nice, big fireplace.