Thinking Outside the Box About Household Products

Here are somethings that started out as desperate substitutions, but which I now treat as standard uses.

Lubriderm. I use it as facial lotion. My dry, sensitive skin reacts to a lot of the lotions out there. Before buying a formula that hopefully would work with my skin, I tried Lubriderm because I had two giant bottles of it. And I’ve actually stuck with it, because it works! Never would have thought that a lotion would work that wasn’t labeled as a facial lotion.

Mary Kay Satin Hands Set. Although I never use it on my hands, this is about the sexiest leg treatment I’ve ever tried. Rub cleansing gel into legs and create a lather. Shave. Scrub legs with buffing scrub. Finish with light lotion. Awesome. I use the buffing cream for my face (mixing a little of the buffing scrub into my regular foam facial wash works great). The nighttime cream works great for my heels. I slather it on and then put on a pair of old socks. When I take them off, my feel feel sooo good! So ladies, dust off those kits and use them!

Free print offers. I love, love, love these. Snapfish, Shutterfly, Walgreens, CVS, and other print services offer these from time to time. But I don’t actually often print regular pictures. I often use the credits to print handouts, advertisements, and reminders for events at church; text like quotes to frame and display; or vintage prints to use in craft projects. Photo printing is not limited to pictures you take with your camera.

Men’s Razors. Ok, ladies, I’m letting out a little secret here. I use guys’ Gillette razors with guy names like “Fusion Gamer” and guy colors like black. But honestly that is where the “guy-ness” stops. These are super nice razors and do a great job. Why do I use them? Because they seem to go on sale and manufacturers hand out coupons for these a lot more often than they do ladies’ razors. I guess cause they know that we ladies will drop the bucks in a heartbeat to get a good shave. Or maybe because the “unshaven” look is in for guys and they aren’t shaving as much? Anyway, I figure why spend $10 on a Venus Embrace or Divine or whatever it’s called when I can get men’s razors that are just as nice for $1 or $2 with a coupon during a drugstore sale?

Purses and Bags: I use one for my coupon binder that I tote to the grocery store, I use one for my camera (and camera accessories). And I do use one for my wallet and keys as well. 🙂

Spaghetti-O’s: Served in large white teacups with mozzarella cheese on top, this was once a date dinner. Do not laugh—it’s true.

Cards, Advertisements, Calendar Pics, Book Pages: If you like it well enough to save it, why not frame it? Instant art that you already like.

Mugs: Pencil holders, toothbrush holders—anywhere where I can have them out and see them. I especially like my Life Is Good mugs.

Book pages. Ah, if you know me by now you know that I love a book page not just for what it says but for the shade of paper and the typography. From furniture refabbing to wreaths to coasters to framed art, the possibilities are absolutely endless.

What are some of your favorite “outside-the-box” substitutions?


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