Decor . . . or extra storage?

More and more people are turning to couponing to find a way to make vacations and Christmas gifts happen, but if you’re like me, you don’t have a giant custom-built pantry to hold all your bargain finds. What’s a stockpiler to do? Turn to the nooks and crannies that are going to waste otherwise.

Here’s a tour of my kitchen and laundry closet and a few secret hideaways where I store everyday supplies.

Here’s the kitchen. On top of my cabinets are containers that hold extra salad dressing, crackers, etc.

Like so.

They are tagged so hopefully I remember what’s in where! Dried beans, tea, and other pantry staple extra have a nice home up there until I run out in the pantry.

Here is the backspash area of the stove. This darling tin was a gift from my brother last year. I think I ate all the mints and poor husband never got any!

Now it holds all my spice packets for seasoning, leaving me more spare room in the cupboard.

A few vintage jars can bring style and function to a windowsill . . .

Or used tins! I love this one next to my stove.

On to the laundry room in my next post.


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