Making Laundry Room Storage Space

I have a laundry closet, actually. So the value of extra space is yeah, valuable. One day I really want to make over the laundry room and paint all my laundry soap bottles the same color and store my powders and bar soaps in glass containers. But for now, this set-up is really functional and helps me stay on top of laundry.

Here is my little laundry closet in my kitchen.

This chrome shower organizer we found on the curb on one of our morning walks. My dearest is so sweet, not ashamed to carry finds home with us! Since this didn’t work with our shower design, it went into the laundry room to store samples and stockpile stuff.

This is a canvas bag that I sent away for as a free sample. It had advertising printed on it, so I turned it inside out (cause I hate advertising on canvas bags). We screwed some hooks to the underside of this shelf and now the bag stores our Walmart and Publix sacks, ready for reuse.

Other side of the laundry room. The tub for outdoor parties hangs up here, as well as a pinboard my mother-in-law made for us.

I hang cleaners like this because that’s what my mom always did. It sure saves space.

And these tote bags hold rags and stockpile stuff like Ziplocks and foil. One day I’d like to get all matching ones, but these mail-order freebies will do for now. They’re helping make use of the area between the machines and the wall.

What are your laundry room solutions?


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