DIY Three-Tiered Tea Tray

Wow, try saying that three times fast!

I am a creature of conflicting ideals. On the one hand, I like what is stored in my kitchen cabinets to be things I use on a very regular basis. Blender, slowcooker, and such qualify. Other items, like a tiered dish display, do not. Therefore I do not want to pursue buying one. One the other hand, I like creating nice atmosphere. And part of that is using things like sugar spoons and tiered dessert displays and cloth napkins. (At least for tea.)

When I get to have things both ways—practically functional and out-of-the-ordinary beautiful—I am truly happy. Thus, this project is one I could keep to myself.

Create a temporary tea tray by stacking china plates (large, medium, small) on top of glass Glade candle holders. What is especially sweet is that those candle holders were one of those overage items from last Christmas.

Stack like so.

And enjoy having it both ways!


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