Christmas Dove Art

The dove has long been the symbol of peace. The gentle shapes combined with the warm texture of a red sweater made a lovely picture. The book pages were carefully selected . . . some of my favorite passages from The Return of the King that speak of the healing of harms. Add a bit of gold dusting powder and it’s ready to welcome Christmas oh so festively.


Love Never Ends.

{stuff used to make this:}

burlap wrapped frames with ugly flower pictures on them

book pages from library sale (long ago acquired in Hinsdale)

Mod Podge

Rubber Stamps (Pottery Barn clearance I love.)

Black paint (a cast-off from David’s workplace)

I loved making these. And how they are off to the special recipients

in honor of weddings and happy marriages.

Budget Cookie Packaging

Free photo prints and after-Easter cellophane buying and homemade peanut butter cookies and some tape made these dressed-up dandies, ready to be tucked into the hands of folks visiting the Operation Christmas Child bake sale. Baking and decorating and a good cause = happiness!

And for those of you who want the labels, here they are. You can print them as an 8×10.