Pottery Barn Christmas Display Look-Alike

Another idea ripped off of PB. Materials used: Faux snow purchased @ 75% off after Christmas at CVS; jar from Goodwill, Starbucks drink container, canning jar, key from antique store, book pages from library sale, snowflakes @ 65 cents for two @ Old Time Pottery, platter I had as a gift from my mother-in-law. Sorry for the hurried post, but I did want to get this up before family came into town tonight and we leave for Christmas in Tampa this weekend. The final picture is the pottery barn catalog page i got the idea from.

Necklace Makeover: Vintage Jewelry Edition

I’ve been wanting to try this ever since seeing a jewelry booth at a craft fair filled with pieces like this: contemporary bases with vintage bits added for pretty mixed-media pieces. I ordered a basic brass-and-ribbon necklace and when it arrived, I dug into my fabric flowers and vintage jewelry tin and found some wonderful pieces to add. Here’s the result—it turned out better than I originally envisioned. Pieces added: flower (made from an old tshirt I had), stick pin, two buttons, a clip-on earring, and a brooch. The scrapbook element brass-colored key isn’t vintage, just something I thought would contribute to the look.

Linen Bag Advent Calendar

My inspiration was, once again, Pottery Barn.

Materials used:

Foam board cut to size

Brown kraft paper

Linen thrift store wrap skirt (lots of great fabric there!)

Sewing machine

Black acrylic paint (for ink, cause mine is running out)

Rubber stamps


Jewelry bags (you can get a large package at WM for $1)


I just measured and cut squares/rectangles. It wasn’t really precise and the ironic thing

was that I actually used a measuring stick and pen to draw and measure this time. Shoulda eyeballed it.

Anyway, I like the size differences. Then I cut little strips and tacked them on the linen bag backs.

These are just tacked into the board and the ribbon is just stapled/gorilla taped on the back. (Hopefully that holds ok.)

I love advent calendars!