Chai Latte Kit

Happy new year! I’m starting off the new year with a few Christmas gifts I couldn’t post before the holiday, because they might get seen by the recipients. First up we have a chai latte kit. I love chai lattes. I used to order them from Starbucks more often before I discovered how to make them at home. It’s easy and oh so worth it. Treat yourself to five minutes and a gourmet drink on a rainy day . . . you’ll get much pleasure from a little effort and money. Wayyy cheaper (and better tasting) than Starbucks. You can use the blender to froth the drink, but it’s more to wash and can be risky using with hot liquid. An inexpensive option is using a milk frother–this model is from Ikea. Keep your eye out for tea coupons and you’ll be set for saving even more on a make-at-home treat.

And here’s the recipe:

Chai Latte
1 cup milk
1 chai teabag
2 tsp sugar
3 tsp instant chai latte mix

Heat the milk and steep the teabag in it for about 2 minutes. Pour into a blender. Sprinkle in sugar and instant latte mix. Blend until frothy. Makes one serving.


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