Leftover Starbucks tea bag = another drink the next day

The other day, I ordered a tall Vanilla Roobis tea latte at Starbucks. And as I took off the lid to add some more vanilla powder and sugar to my drink, I was struck with the size of the teabag and realized I could totally get at least another drink out of this latte. So I left a little of the milk in the bottom of my cup, along with the teabag, to steep overnight in the fridge. And the next day, I poured the tea concentrate into a pyrex glass measuring cup, along with a cup of milk and the leftover tea bag and microwaved it for a minute or so. I added about a teaspoon of sugar too. Then I removed the teabag, frothed the drink with my airlatte frother, and settled down with a little drink, a little marmalade toast, and a lot of satisfaction.

I don’t mean to give you the impression with this post that I’m really poor or something. It’s just that one of the most satisfying things in life for me is to make fun stuff last as long as possible. I like going to Starbucks, but I want my hot drinks, quiet music, and conversation/contemplation to extend beyond Starbucks. Does that make sense?

Look at the size of that thing! Tell me you couldn’t get another drink out of it . . .

My sister gave me these awesome handmade mugs for Christmas. The sweater cuff is my homemade version of a cozy. (By the way, that craft is about as easy as it comes. Cut the cuff off of a wool sweater and slip it around a handle-less cup.)

It was sooooo yummy!



One thought on “Leftover Starbucks tea bag = another drink the next day

  1. How lovely! It sounds delish! 🙂

    My mom taught me to reuse teabags — in fact, I have a special dish on my counter solely for that purpose 🙂

    And now I think I need to go put the kettle on…


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