Old Shutters = Linen Pinboards

This isn’t a full tutorial, because I didn’t take pictures as I went. It’s mostly pictures of the finished product: a shutter-turned-pinboard.


Shutter, with wooden slats ripped out (shutter!)

White paint, sandpaper, watercolor

Linen (I used an old wrap skirt from Goodwill)

Foam board

Hardware for hanging

Take your shutter, paint it white, and then sand the edges for a distressed look. Fill in the sanded areas with brown watercolor paint, rubbing it in the cracks. Let dry.

Measure your inner area, then trace and cut a piece of foamboard to fit into the shutter hole. Wrap the material around the shutter and staple in place. Duct tape the pinboard part into the shutter. Nail hanging hardware into place. Then decorate your finished board!

This is how I decorate mine, a set that hangs above our bed in the master bedroom. The butterflies are vintage images that I had printed, then cut out each butterfly with scissors. The postcards and images were collected from antique stores in my younger days. 🙂




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