Immersed in Middle Earth

There’s nothing like settling down at the kitchen table with a palatte of paints and tiny pots of liquid gold and transforming a formerly unwanted handmade mug into an artifact from Hobbiton or Ithilian. It’s like being a props production person without the film schedule hanging over your head.  Much that once was is lost . . . but when what remains surfaces in thrift shops and warehouses, then I hope I am there to receive it, take it home, put on my Extended Edition LOTR soundtracks, pull out my paints and utensils, and see what takes shape.

I’m dreaming of picnics

It’s spring! I want to picnic with my dearest! I have only a tiny window of time before we start sweating too much to really enjoy the park for most of the rest of the year . . . .These images have really inspired me and the urge has seized me. We’ll see what comes of it. Hopefully something yummy and photographed.

{via France Ruffenach Photography}

{via The Bride’s Cafe}

{via Such Pretty Things}

{via Project Wedding}

{via DesignSponge}

{via Oh Happy Day}

I have been dying to blog.

My schedule has been such that I’ve not carved out time to  blog. However, I spent some upload time today reading some blogs and that always spurs me on to post myself. Sometime in the future I’ll try to list the blogs that I follow that perhaps you’d be interested in. But for now, here’s a few little things up in the Unwhite shop.

{lavender and rosebud sachet necklace}

{painted teabag mugs}

{metal and ribbon rosette necklace. the rosette is made from thrift store fabric, an earring, and a bead}