Always Room for Bunting

Some sweet tiny friends and I made this for the rest of the family as a surprise. It’s easy to make one for yourself. Just use jeans pockets, old book pages (here Mod Podge’d onto cardboard to make them sturdier) and markers. The edges for the circles for the letters are painted in brown watercolor to give it a vintage look. Hot glue it all together onto some twine and there you go!

City, Small Town, Country

My trip to Brooklyn to visit Em and Tres was one of the best vacations yet! Seeing Dearest on video chat on a regular basis made him feel nearer, and packing the time full of all of my favorite things—toast, tea, history, good food, art, donuts, bargains, family—sure made for a memorable time.

I fell like I got to see different aspects of NY: city, small town, and country. They all have charms of their own to offer. So much fun!

The country: about two hours north of the city, we went to Fishskill Farms to pick berries. Such a beautiful summer day!

The town of Nyack was on the Hudson River. It had awesomely cool old houses and amazing shops. We went for the street fair and enjoyed a delicious pub lunch too.

The city! We spent most of our time in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I didn’t see any of the main tourist attractions, but that’s how I got to see all the things that were my favorites. Way better.

Homemade donuts and milk

Brandi is my pastor’s wife and I’ve been lucky enough to be her friend and neighbor these past few years and between bouts of laughing, thrift store shopping, baking, and talking, we are eating. She made homemade donuts and brought them over. Boy, were they good.

How Can I Say Thanks?

“Thanks” to a new book I’ve recently read called Choosing Gratitude, my mind has been filled with counting my blessings. I was encouraged, through reading and discussing with my friends from church, to prepare a thank-you note basket, where I could quickly and easily verbalize those thoughts, instead of just letting them vaporize. Gratitude expressed is just that much more powerful. I hope I am continually motivated to praise, worship, and lovingly express joy to God and others, because He made me and He loves me.

Sweet Taters Art

I love the creative energy that flows when Alan, Lily, and I collaborate. Maybe cause it’s cause I get to work with these awesome artists who’ve been in the business a lot longer than I have and cause they’re really great friends. I think in any case I’m a bit starstruck.

My most recent art acquisitions came from trading crafts with Alan: his art for my writing/photography/graphic design. I think I got the better end of the deal!