City, Small Town, Country

My trip to Brooklyn to visit Em and Tres was one of the best vacations yet! Seeing Dearest on video chat on a regular basis made him feel nearer, and packing the time full of all of my favorite things—toast, tea, history, good food, art, donuts, bargains, family—sure made for a memorable time.

I fell like I got to see different aspects of NY: city, small town, and country. They all have charms of their own to offer. So much fun!

The country: about two hours north of the city, we went to Fishskill Farms to pick berries. Such a beautiful summer day!

The town of Nyack was on the Hudson River. It had awesomely cool old houses and amazing shops. We went for the street fair and enjoyed a delicious pub lunch too.

The city! We spent most of our time in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I didn’t see any of the main tourist attractions, but that’s how I got to see all the things that were my favorites. Way better.


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