Book-Themed Party Decor

Well, a few months back the ladies at church got together for a gratitude-themed dinner and time of testimonies/worship. It was a great time being with great friends. Something I enjoyed being a part of was doing the centerpieces for the tables. I’ll let you in on some tips that a friend and I came up with to put together these beauties on a shoestring. Everything except the fresh flowers was thrifted!

Tip#1: We used a potted plant vs. cut flowers. Two pots of the chrysanthemum at Sam’s were $6 each I believe and yielded enough flowers to do six table arrangements.

Tip#2: Use fly leafs of books to stamp your own themed messages. In this case I stamped “Gratitude,” “Thankful,” etc on the nicely yellowed paper for a vintage vibe. And the books? They were 10 cents each at a “last hour of the library sale” sale this past spring. (Going first thing to the library sale produces great reads; going the last hour produces great paper material for crafts.)

If you’d like to do what we did for your next book-themed party, here’s a rundown of the materials we used:

– Cloth napkins (thrift store find)

– Ball jars (curbside find!)

– Vintage flower pin (should do a tutorial on these soon—they’re super easy to make)

– Jar Ties (bits from an old belt I took apart)

– Books (library sale finds_

– Stamps used on fly leaves—Pottery Barn (one of my most used clearance finds from there)

– Book bundles are tied with string from Walmart. They’re actually old RD Collection titles. Oh the endless uses!

Get creative and let the books inspire you!


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