Cookies and Milk Kit

When you stumble across 25 vintage glass milk bottles at Goodwill and can’t pass them up, what can you do with them? (Besides enjoying taking pictures in the morning sunshine?)

How about a cookies and milk kit?

This was too much fun to make and send to friends from far away!

Cheap Date: Picnic in the Woods

This one was for Dearest’s birthday. He loves the great outdoors, so it seemed the right place to celebrate his birthday together. We had a wonderfully memorable time together, for the cost of an afternoon’s time and some take-out BBQ.

Yes, I took the homemade cake and icecream out into the wilderness. The secret to keeping the ice cream cold is to wrap it in multiple paper bags. It worked!

He loved it!

And for some festive spirit, how about some bunting? If you have a hot glue gun, scraps, twine, and some time, you can do this!

It doesn’t get cheaper or often more enjoyable than having a date outside on a lovely day.


Cow Appreciation Day

Back in July we celebrated Cow Appreciation Day put on by Chick-fil-a. We’ve done this now for three summers and it’s a July highlight. And this year, even more friends got in on the fun with us as we made up our masks and costume paraphernalia. Lunch for free and lots of fun memories served up alongside!

Business Cards

I love that business cards can be any shape, style, or material you want—especially in the creative marketplace. Here are my most recent cards made for my Etsy shop. All the full color versions were printed as greeting cards with Shutterfly (sometimes they send you free greeting card promo codes). They were printed both on the front of the card and the inside for maximum printing space. The black and white skinny quotes was printed for free as a Staples promotion. You gotta love those free printing offers! The vellum was leftover from our wedding programs. I cut out the little half circles in the paper by hand and sewed up the pockets on my sewing machine. Way too much fun!

The View From My Couch

I love this house. It’s small and cozy and ours. Living in a neighborhood with 1/10 acre lots doesn’t do anything for the view on its own, but it does mean you can build your own view. Here’s our backyard, as seen from the living room, and how it’s looking so far.

If spreading vistas don’t come with the house, it’s ok. The satisfaction comes in creating what you see everyday and letting the creative process as well as the result bring you pleasure.

Book Purse

The large stack of Readers’ Digest Condensed Books I got last year at the tail-end of the library sale for a song has brought me endless pleasure. And not from reading, either. The bits of text I could comprehend while gutting the books seemed to me to mostly consist of scandal, murder, fornication, etc. But the covers and the color of the pages are lovely.  I followed this tutorial to make this purse, which is now serving as a sewing supplies organizing caddy for my mom. My version uses recycled fabric (leftover curtains) and handles from Hobby Lobby (super affordable!). The spine was spray painted. (Just cover and tape the rest of the book while you’re spraying.)

More Paper Flowers

Creating paper flowers using scrapbooking paper, old book pages, and embellishments is an easy fun project to whip up in an afternoon. It’s so simple that the kids can join in too. I don’t have any tutorials on here today, but google is your friend and will help you out. Or dream up your own pattern. If you have plenty of paper, there’s no wrong way and nothing to be afraid of.

Here are some tissue paper flowers I did last Christmas. I wired them onto wreaths and they’re now a permanent part of the living room decor.

And here’s an ornament I did last year. The paper flower concept is the same: simply switch out the ribbon hanger for a stem.

Hope this gets you inspired to put a few old books to some fun new uses!

New Shop Treasures

Each little scrap takes on new life when it’s sewn, glued, painted, and wired. Oh, there’s nothing like an afternoon with my LOTR music playing and me surrounded by half-cut up vintage library finds and pots of Mod Podge, tins of watercolor pencils, pliers, ribbons, and boxes of more supplies and tools. Some of these items are for sale now, and some have just sold out of the shop.