Paper Flowers: A Tutorial

These particular ones are easy, fast, and appeal to those of us who would rather crumple than fold. However, I’ll show a few different styles in my next post to get you googling more tutorials . . . or just make up your own pattern!

You’ll need:

Old book pages, scissors, wire, Styrofoam balls, wire cutters, and hot glue.

First, tear a chunk of pages out and cut them into a rough flower/cloud shape.

Next, crumple the flat shape into a 3d shape by grasping the middle of the flower and twisting.

This is the shape you’ll have at the end. Make a bunch of these, roughly the same size. Then, using a low-temp hot glue gun, glue the “petals” all over the small Styrofoam ball. This is the fun part and is fast and easy.

Then cut yourself a length of wire and poke it into the ball. (This was our leftover chainmaille wire. Just use whatever you have handy.)

Now you have a flower!


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