A Friendly Gesture

What’s one of the nicest things a stranger’s done for you?

On my 14th birthday, I believe it was, my mom took me and my best friend out to tea and the elderly couple at the next table paid for both our tea and a gift for me which the hostess gave me at the checkout register. I was amazed and the memory of that generous gift from a stranger and the sweet memory of it has stayed with me.

A few weeks ago, I received another gift in the mail, very pretty packaged too, I may say. It arrived just at the right time to really lift my spirits. The last few weeks have been rough, with the stress of the failed adoption still fresh.

What do you think I found, in the giant stash of unopened mail that was delivered recently? I had entered a giveaway hosted by one of my favorite bloggers, and although I did not win, this amazing gal mailed EVERYONE of those who entered her giveaway a small present. Have you ever heard of anyone doing that? And the present was handmade by her! Kudos to Lauren Elise, for spreading goodwill and cheer.


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