Homemade Scarves = Easy Gifts

I am not a seamstress (emphasis on the stress.) But I have enjoyed sewing a straight line on the machine. So much faster than by hand, provided your machine cooperates. And much prettier than my hand-sewing, anyway.

I’ve enjoying finding different kinds of items with a former life and turning them into scarves. Take a look here at some of the different items you can make just sewing straight lines.


The Vintage Handkerchief Scarf. (Just line up four handkerchiefs of similar color and size and sew together.)


The Pillowcase Ruffle Scarf (Sew two basting stitches down the middle, pull to ruffle, then finish the edges.)


The Former Blouse Skinny Scarf (This one I sewed all the cream ruching into. It took forever. I won’t be making one quite like this again.)


The T-Shirt Loop Scarf (This one I got in great shape for $1. It was just too short for me to wear. So I cut off the main shirt portion and just handstiched the hem down. I’ll probably need to follow up with some fray check on the raw edge, though, before I wash it.)

There you have it! Four easy styles and only straight sewing required. Have fun making up your own designs with leftover clothes or pillowcases. It’s a lot more fun than dropping $19.99 on one from Target or AE.




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