Sorry About the Ads

Guys, sorry about that video ad in my previous post. I was just as surprised as you to see it there. If WordPress keeps this up, I’m moving to my own domain or anther platform. These ads are not a part of my blogging, and I am upset to see that they look as if I put them there on purpose. Apparently WordPress is trying to make everyone move to a paid, Pro version to avoid ads.

Again, I apologize and I’d like to emphasize that I don’t encourage you to view these ads.




2 thoughts on “Sorry About the Ads

  1. Hmm … I’m not seeing any ads on your blog or my blog (which is also WordPress), so I’m wondering if my computer is blocking something. That’s nice, but now I’m wondering if there are ads on my blog too. Have you ever noticed any? I am aware that WordPress is pushing the “go pro” thing at the moment. I hope they’re not going to make it hard for those of us who like the host, but don’t want the “pro” look. Oh well … thank you for the warning anyway!

  2. Hey Judith,

    The ads are only visible to those who are not logged into a WordPress account. I am logged in when posting of course and so I didn’t see these ads until David visited the blog post I’d linked to on Facebook. The video on my working clothes post had the thumbnail image of a woman in a really low-cut shirt. It’s really upsetting that these YouTube video ads look like they’re actually part of the blog, as they are the same shape and size of the images and the word “advertisement is in light grey, small text and hard to see right away. I’m looking at moving to hosting the blog myself so I don’t have any more trouble with this.

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