Porcelain Art: A Step by Step Overview Part 1

I’m going to do a few posts on what it looks like to have all your china painting supplies spread out and projects in progress. Hopefully it gives you a behind-the-scenes glimpse on what goes on in a porcelain artist’s studio (aka my kitchen table) and the process involved for producing stamping and calligraphy pieces. It’s such a lovely art and it is really dying out. That is part of the reason I’m motivated to take china painting and “resurrect” it using new techniques, such as stamping or by doing text only. Makes for a lovely and unique take on traditional china painting.

Here is where I start. I get out my folder with all my fonts, price sticker pages to help me remember how much I paid for stuff, and idea lists.

Then I need to get my paint to the right consistency. I thin it tiny drop by tiny drop with pen oil and mix it with my palette knife until the nib pen can  dip into the paint puddle and easily draw a line.

The pen oil.

Thinning the paint.

Next post I’ll show you how the stamping works.


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