Sprinklings of Birthday Happiness

29 has been most delightful thus far. I have so enjoyed the many blessings that have been sent . . . free restaurant birthday club treats, the Christmas gift from Dearest of a night at the Henderson Inn B&B, a surprise birthday party from my friends, and a get-together tonight with the family. Wow! Amazing. There’s been a lot of sorrow this year so far but on Feb. 20 I was reminded of the many joys I have as well. Tears don’t last forever, and the relationships behind the many gifts you’ll see below have helped me to weather the storm. God has overwhelmingly blessed me with very loving family and friends. I know birthdays are not about presents but somehow this year the many cards and gifts I received just really meant a lot. Especially the cards given me by family and friends—each one was carefully chosen to communicate care and love. You can really tell.

On to the presents (aka sprinklings of birthday happiness).

The candle and book are from my friend Shannon. The hours we’ve spent over tea together has built a lovely friendship. She knows me well!

The paper and gift tags are from my sister Emily. She knows how much I like to wrap gifts and gave me some luxury supplies. She went to a store in Brooklyn that we’d visited together in July and that she remembered how much I liked. That is what means the most to me.

Oh,  this is the good stuff—real beauty counter makeup! This hugely generous gift from my parents is going to supply many of my beauty wants/needs until next year. Wow, wow, wow. I am so happy. I just like opening my makeup now to look at the shiny new containers! I was needing a new jumpstart with beauty supplies so bad.

Ok, this was an impulse purchase at the thrift store check-out. I normally don’t buy myself bday gifts but this was $7.99 and in super shape—even still smelled like new leather. Plus, my old wallet had a rip in it. To justify myself even further, I looked it up online when I got home and found it selling for $45. So, yeah, that’s exciting. But mostly I just love the colors and pattern.

And this grey clay bowl I found at another thrift store for $1.50. I was thrilled. The lines as so perfect, so simple and clean. It’s heavy and feels really nice to hold it. I’m glad it was too big to fit in my kiln to paint and sell. This one is staying here. And see how lovely the paper from Em looks under it?

Ah! This one is from my sister Melody. I am really excited now, because my wishlist on iTunes that I keep adding to and am too cheap to buy can actually be purchased and new music become part of me. (She knows how much I listen to my favorites over and over again. Although, I’m not as bad as our sister Amy. She’ll sit somewhere and memorize lyrics—in foreign languages too—so she can sing along. This is somewhat in contrast to our sister Emily, who just sings whatever she thinks comes next.) Anyway, I know just what I’m going to get with this gift card. 🙂

My Dearest not ONLY took me to the B&B but also surprised me with this awesome glue gun! He knows me best—knows how much I value good tools to reach for in a burst of creative energy. Thanks, Dearest, for all the crafting success in the future due to this ultimate glue gun. (It even comes with four tips and hi- and lo-temp capacity. Who knew glue guns could get that fancy!)

This necklace my brother David bought for me on Etsy. It’s so lovely. I’ve often admired this style on different blog posts I’ve seen, but I don’t really enjoy buying jewelry for myself. This is so pretty and will go with so many outfits. I’m wearing it now, in fact.

And this awesome funky necklace my sister Amy got for me. I LOVE it! The mixed media look of the felted pendant and the different metals in the chain is perfect. I’ve been wanting to get into this style for a while but am somewhat timid when it comes to long necklaces. I count to Amy to be that style Jedi Master when I need her. I’m not sure, she probably made this necklace. If she didn’t, she sure could have.

And that sums up my sprinklings of birthday happiness so far!


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