Porcelain Art: A Step by Step Overview Part 3

And here’s a bit on how using a pattern to put on text differs from stamping. I did a porcelain teacup here that I got at the Bargain Box for 25 cents. I got a saucer that went with it nicely, also for 25 cents. Since they didn’t match originally and the saucer has a few chips in it, I just did these for me. (That was strange!) Here’s a bit about the process:

First, you print out a font you like. Then you use graphite paper to transfer the font to the china. You trace over the font using a stylus to get a rough copy.

Then you mix up your paint. It needs to be the right consistency, with the nib tip pulling readily through it.

Then you carefully trace over the graphite pattern, dipping every few strokes into the “ink” mixture. It feels really old fashioned, a real Jane Austin moment.

And here’s the teacup, still partially finished. I didn’t end up taking pictures of it fired, but it turned out really nice. I did some ribbons twining around one part of the rim on the saucer, too. It was really pretty.

So that’s a glimpse into my china painting world! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it. It’s a slow art but one that is special and improves with practice (of course!). It has brought me a lot of joy over the years I’ve been doing it.


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