Look Around You for Lovliness

It’s often hidden, cloaked in the ordinary.

Like a bundle of roses from Walmart, paired with a chipped vintage milkbottle.

Or maybe loveliness is waiting to be discovered in a musty thrift shop, like this treasured clay bowl. I’ve never been happier about spending $3.

But of course what really makes Loveliness, is the fact that my Dearest surprised me with the roses, just because.

Or that my brother went out with a flashlight onto the schoolgrounds where he was employed and gathered these pecans for me. (I’m not sure if I actually want to know the whole story, but his motive was kind, even if his methods were dubious.)

That is the source of all the loveliness, of course, the love gathered up in armfuls of roses or handfuls of “foraged” pecans.

I hope I take the time to notice it on a daily basis.

Keeping Up Etsy

When I was a little girl, I couldn’t decide whether to be an artist or an archeologist when I grew up. Now, thanks to Etsy, my Tolkien/Lewis-fan shop opened in 2008 lets me be both. đŸ™‚ Now that have recently become a mother, keeping up with two shops has been more difficult. But if I just take a slower pace and lower expectations how much gets done, I can be a shopkeeper-mom still.

This week, I worked on a custom cards order. I had Jadon in the front pack while stamping. I got kinda neckache afterwards, so I’m not sure that was the best idea, but it worked anyway.



I look forward to my upcoming North Carolina trip and the chance to find more pottery!


My Life of Late

Hello all,

I think about  blogging a lot, but I find it hard to get to it amidst my other responsibilities. When it’s a choice between laundry or blogging, laundry usually wins. But today is a rainy day, and Jadon is sleepy, so with the laundry well underway, I’m sneaking in a chance to post a glimpse into my Today.

Washing bottles and setting them on the windowsill to dry. After waiting so long to hold Jadon in our arms, it’s not really a chore to feed him or wash his bottles.

Just a small cup of tea. Somehow a rainy days calls for it.

When I saw the large jar of granola (empty), this morning, I decided I’d make granola this afternoon instead of cleaning the bathroom. (I admit I like cooking better than cleaning bathrooms.) The whole house smells like cinnamony fresh loveliness.

I’m hoping to schedule a few more posts to be released later. Thanks, friends, for reading.