My Life of Late

Hello all,

I think about  blogging a lot, but I find it hard to get to it amidst my other responsibilities. When it’s a choice between laundry or blogging, laundry usually wins. But today is a rainy day, and Jadon is sleepy, so with the laundry well underway, I’m sneaking in a chance to post a glimpse into my Today.

Washing bottles and setting them on the windowsill to dry. After waiting so long to hold Jadon in our arms, it’s not really a chore to feed him or wash his bottles.

Just a small cup of tea. Somehow a rainy days calls for it.

When I saw the large jar of granola (empty), this morning, I decided I’d make granola this afternoon instead of cleaning the bathroom. (I admit I like cooking better than cleaning bathrooms.) The whole house smells like cinnamony fresh loveliness.

I’m hoping to schedule a few more posts to be released later. Thanks, friends, for reading.


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