Vintage Dress Makeover

My mom is such a sewing wizard. When I was young I thought she could do anything, and now that I’m an adult my suspicions are confirmed. On a recent visit to the Panhandle, Mom helped makeover a vintage dress I got from my mother-in-law. The bodice was too big, the length pretty horrible, the collar too distracting, the shoulder pads unattractive, buttons needed to be moved (and more added—there were only four for the whole dress) and the waistline too tight. But I really like the way the dress fit in the torso, so I had hope that Mom and I could remake it.

I wish I’d take a “before” picture, but here is the finished product. The sleeves, collar, and hemline all were altered, and we added some hooks and faux buttonholes, and moved the buttons into a straight line. I’m pretty terrible at sewing but I could envision the finished product. Once again, Mom came to the rescue and made it happen.

Thanks, Mom, for being awesome.