Coming Alive Again

So, I haven’t blogged here for about a year. But I miss it, and I’m wanting to squeeze it back into my life.

So for those of you who’ve followed this blog, thanks for hanging on, and I hope to come back into this sphere for new words, new pictures, and new life.

One of the biggest things I’m working on right now is opening and running a third Etsy shop. Yes, yes, I know. Juggling three shops is a bit much at times, but this one for for a very special cause.

Friends and family have gathered around and poured themselves into a community effort to raise funds for our second adoption. Yes, Baby #2 will hopefully be on the way home to us soon! And in our case, it takes a village to bring a baby home.

So please visit our newest shop and consider doing your Christmas shopping for a good cause. We’ve got porcelain art, knits, a quilt, woodworking, handsewn treasures, and more to come, so please stay tuned!