Music Review: Rain for Roots—The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This


If God had a child
Who wandered far astray
Who was sad, broken-hearted, whose guilt kept him away
What would He do?
What would He do?
He’d say, go get the lost one
He’s who I came to see.
He thought he was an orphan
But he’s coming home with me.
The angels are rejoicing.
The sinner is my friend.
Rejoice with me, my child is coming home again.

From “Go Get the Lost One,” —Rain for Roots: The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This

{I’d like to say before I begin this article: this isn’t sponsored in any way. I simply liked this CD and thought others would too, so I’m sharing my thoughts on it here.}

I have a two-year-old who loves music. And David and I love supplying him with music, especially music that proclaims the truth. It brings joy to my heart to hear Jadon listening so closely to the Word of God through song. We went on a long road trip last month, and I wanted a few more CDs to add to the mix. Having listened to the first release done by Rain for Roots on a DAILY basis (I’m serious), I was excited about the next volume. And I was not disappointed.

I think I like the new CD, titled “Rain for Roots: The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This,”  even better than the old one. The musical style of the songs is varied—some have a vintage feel, some are upbeat, some sound like a gospel spiritual. The theme is Jesus’ parables and the short, catchy tunes have been well-crafted. Parents will easily be able to start singing along to their babies and toddlers.

A few minor downsides (to me): I miss the off-beat little children’s choruses that were prevalent in the first Rain for Roots CD. They are here too, but it is more centered on the adult voices vs. a mix with the children. I also am not a big fan of Elle Holcomb’s style. Now, I know a number of folks who love her, so don’t get me wrong. It’s just a personal preference, but her style makes her voice sort of sound like she is talking babytalk. It’s its own style, I just happen to like the other voices here and a bit of a cleaner style. It’s not a big deal, and don’t let be a dealbreaker for you. Just give it a listen and decide for yourself.

A LOT of major upsides: The truths here are solid, the artists are moms of young kids themselves, the sing- ability is fabulous . . . you might end up, like me, adding this to your daily repertoire.  And although I’ve heard this CD a number of times since I bought it a few weeks ago, I still cry every time time track 9, “Go Get the Lost One,” comes on. And for those who know me, they know I don’t cry at the drop of a hat.

Say you had a hundred sheep
and one little lamb got lost
in the dark, in the cold, far away from the fold
What would you do?

And I think every time, how easily I would stay with the ninety-nine! It just is so logical. But how relieved I am that God didn’t think that way about me. Thank God He went after me, the little lost lamb. The themes of true love and being welcomed home are so strong here, they go straight to my heart and make me cry. every. time.

If you have toddlers you’re eager to teach Scripture to (or eager for them to be entertained so you can get some laundry done), then I’d go out and buy this CD. I got mine from Amazon. Here’s the link to the Rain for Roots site.



2 thoughts on “Music Review: Rain for Roots—The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This

  1. I’ve been wanting some good music to add to our collection for the little miss. Will definitely check out this one. Thanks!

  2. I enjoyed your review! I’ll keep this in mind for future reference for Juanito. Currently he prefers Latino rap, which has deep lyrics, but it’s not really the sing-along, easy to remember type! I’m hoping we can also start adding to our collection of Steve Green and the one you gave us 🙂

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