Some Etsy Shop Work

The Ring and the Lion is getting some major flood of additions, as I have been gearing up to actually paint EARLY this year and beat the Christmas rush. This year is going to be relaxed for real . . . no more taking tons of custom orders in December and rushing all the shipping. What you see is what you get! 🙂 At least, that is my resolve now. We’ll see how I feel in December . . . I always want to make people happy at the holidays and it’s hard to say no. 🙂

So here are some of my recent shop additions. They are all for sale at The Ring and the Lion.

DSC_3488 DSC_3927 DSC_3941 DSC_3954 DSC_3959 DSC_3969 DSC_3975 DSC_3979 DSC_3994 DSC_3990 DSC_3983

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