Ten Tips to Save You Some Work

I’m the mom of a toddler and anticipating #2 to join our family someday soon (hopefully . . . adoption doesn’t allow really knowing the “when” for sure)! But anyway, being raised in a large family has caused me to apply some time-saving tips to my daily routines to give me a cleaner environment faster and more time to spend doing what I like with my baby and husband. These ideas probably won’t work across the board for everyone, but hopefully they will help some folks out there.

1. Eat foods that just produce crumbs on paper napkins or paper towels. (No dishes to wash.)

2. Reuse the same bowls and pans to cook multiple dishes. For example, I cook my bacon, then cook my eggs in the same pan. I mix up my casserole, then use the same bowl to mix up biscuit dough. I reuse dishes and cutlery where I can, as long as there is no cross-contamination with raw foods like meat.

3. Throw all your dirty laundry into the washing machine that tend to collect around that area (like wet dishclothes). Wash everything on cold like baby clothes, dish rags, etc. You can put in a Shout color catcher sheet if there is something in there you really care about not changing color. For me, I’m fine washing most things together.

4. Wash like items together (like baby clothes or sheets/towels). It will save time sorting afterwards.

5. Skip folding toddler clothes. They will get wrinkled again. Just keep enough to fit loosely in a drawer and they won’t get wrinkled that much anyway.

6. Freeze leftovers to eat later!

7. If you can afford it, buy chopped frozen vegetables like onions, peppers, celery, carrots, etc. They are fresh when frozen and work in any sort of cooked meal. Save yourself the time.

8. Buy vs. make any kind of bread dough you need, like pizza crust, rolls, pie crust, pastry dough. It will probably mean the difference between you making that kind of food or not.

9. Use a microfiber cloth and water to wash your face at night. Or just wash your face the next day in the shower with a soap. If you can, shorten the whole nighttime beauty routine.

10. Turn off Facebook for the day. It’s amazing how much more time you’ll have. 🙂

Well, that’s all for now. What is YOUR best time-saving tip? I’d love to hear it!

Recent Shop Work

More recent shop work: painting, collaging, and decoupage. Getting it cranked out while I have some extra time on my hands!

Some of these I’m keeping for gifts and some I’m putting up for sale at The Ring and the Lion Etsy Shop!

DSC_4398 DSC_4044 DSC_4382 DSC_4363 DSC_4393 DSC_4368 DSC_4369 DSC_4558 DSC_4520 DSC_4048 DSC_4528 DSC_4574 DSC_4560 DSC_4360 DSC_4519